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A Watkins Business


You have heard of famous Watkins Vanilla and Watkins other fine products, now you can own a Watkins business. Become a Watkins Independent Associate. If you have wished you had your own business, grab this business opportunity through the Watkins Association. In business since 1868 and still growing and going.  

In 1868, J. R. Watkins laid the foundation of the Direct Selling Industry, giving men and women the opportunity to earn a part-time or full-time income by sharing the Watkins products they loved.

Along with its longevity, Watkins long-standing commitment to product excellence has made our business opportunity one of the most attractive in the industry.

Watkins has remained strong in its vision and quest for excellence throughout its over 140-year history. We believe that no other company can match Watkins longstanding reputation for product excellence and business integrity.

Is Watkins special? You bet it is!

Award-Winning Products made with the finest ingredients. backed by the world's FIRST MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Watkins high income earning opportunity with several marketing methods to fit any lifestyle. No quotas, no territories. Minimal start-up cost - Business Introduction Package. U.S $39.95/CN $39.95

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality products and reliable service for our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them for you.

Watkins is a direct selling business where the product comes first.

When you join Watkins you are never alone. When you join Watkins with me you get ideas, advice and encouragement. All are just an e-mail away. Whatever business you presently own, take advantage of no-cost press release services and get the word out about your business today.
Vanette Ryanes
Watkins Independent Associate ID 10649N

From Watkins 1935 Almanac
"In all the world, no vanilla has attained the popularity that its exquisite flavor, its freshness and its dependable uniformity have won for Watkins Vanila Flavor.
For goodness sake, buy Watkins Vanilla the World's Largest Selling Vanilla."

Watkins clearly the winner in Spices Plus and much, much more. Click above to see how you can specialize.

STOP! Life Doesn't Have to Be a Dead End.


Independent Watkins Associates play an important role in the Watkins system. They help others by helping themselves. Whether as a supplier of Watkins fine products or as an Associate with a downline of Associates. Our Independent Associates build their business their way.
  • No quotas         
  • No 'must buy' products        
  • No territories - USA and Canada   
  • Very inexpensive start-up
  • Low cost associate supplies    
  • No must-attend meetings
  • Help available at all times        
  • Special associate product sales
  • Conference calls for associates
  • E-web sites available for nominal fee

I have been a Watkins Associate and home business owner since 1995. I am still happy Watkins and all that it brings to me monetarily and emotionally. However, since retirement, I have become a freelance writer as well. If you believe a similar arrangement would work for you, take a look at the book below to see if anything catches your eyes. Work At Home Now is available directly from Amazon or try your local library.

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Disclaimer: "The statements and opinions expressed on this site are of the Independent Watkins Associate who owns the site. They are not to be construed as the statements or opinions of Watkins Incorporated."