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A Better Cook is an Independent Watkins Associate site.

Welcome to the ABC Watkins kitchen. A Better Cook is about cooking and spices--but oh, so much more. Find recipes, Watkins organic herbs and spices, home and hearth tips and hints to make your food and home budget dollar's go further and last longer. Look for great mom stuff, magazines online, going green tips,  book recommendations plus up-to-date consumer news. ABC also gives you tips on owning a Watkins home business or any home business. It's as easy as ... well, you know.  

and remember always click on Monthly Specials, some items may be on sale. Also, special short term items may be there, that do not appear on the regular online pages. Happy Shopping.

Can Watkins spices, extracts and oils really make you a better cook? Well, maybe not. However, once you have these herbs and spices in your home, all lined up like little soldiers ready to be called to battle, you may begin to feel challenged.
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Try Watkins Snack and Dip Seasonings 

  • Mix Salsa & Sour Cream Snack and Dip Seasoning into cream cheese and spread on warm tortillas to make roll-ups.

Use Watkins herbs, spices, flavorings and other fine products


In 1928 Watkins received Gold Medal honors at Paris International Exposition its for vanilla, black pepper, cinnamon and other pure spices. And we are still getting kudos! Watkins has been our grandparents and parents cooking secret  with their use of Watkins  herbs, spices, extracts and flavorings for more than 140 years. Just say Watkins to a certain generation and they respond by saying, "Oh I love Watkins Vanilla!"
Now we are sharing our baking and other secrets with a new generation. And these days, Watkins is doing its part in going green and watching its and its customer's carbon footprint. So take a look at the old Watkins that has kept up with technology but has never lost its original idea; good products that come with a money back guarantee and helping you own your own business. 
When you buy any dried herbs and spices remember freshness matters!
Homemaker's often place herbs and spices in places that look nice, rather than storing the products where they will stay fresh longer. A reminder that heat, light and moisture are not good for dried herbs or spices.

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Disclaimer: "The statements and opinions expressed on this site are of the Independent Watkins Associate who owns the site. They are not to be construed as the statements or opinions of Watkins Incorporated."