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Recipes from Watkins


Watkins celebrates its' 140th anniversary of offering fine quality products. Many of us and our parents grew up with Watkins Vanilla and Lemon Extracts, Baking Powder, Black Pepper, herbs and spices and other award winning products for the pantry. Congratulations Watkins on 140 years of service!
Recipes and Ideas From Watkins


Pepper Cheese Log Recipe (Appetizer) 
2 packages (8 oz/227 g each) cream cheese, softened
2-1/2 tsp/12.5 mL Italian Seasoning
3/4 tsp/4 mL Garlic Granules
3/4 tsp/4 mL Onion Granules
2 tbsp/30 mL
or crushed Garlic Peppercorn Blend
Cooking Directions
Combine first four ingredients; place on plastic wrap and shape into a log. Place on new sheet of plastic wrap and pat Cracked Pepper onto all sides. Roll up and refrigerate until firm. Cut into thin slices and serve with crackers.
Makes 1 log, 16 servings.

 Barbecued Meatballs Recipe (Appetizer)
1 pound/454 g lean ground beef
2 tbsp/30 mL Onion Flakes
2 tbsp/30 mL dry bread crumbs
1/4 tsp/1.2 mL Garlic Salt
1/4 tsp/1.2 mL Ground Beef Seasoning
1 egg
1/2 cup/125 mL ketchup
1/4 cup/60 mL water
2 tbsp/30 mL
or Mesquite Barbecue Sauce Concentrate
1 tbsp/15 mL brown sugar
Cooking Directions
Combine first six ingredients; mix well. Shape into 1-inch/25-mm meatballs. Place in skillet and cook until browned on all sides; drain grease if necessary. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over meatballs. Bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes. Serve hot.
Makes 10 servings.

French Onion Dip Recipe (Appetizer)
2 tbsp/30 mL Onion Soup & Gravy
2 cups/500 mL reduced-calorie sour cream
Cooking Directions
Mix ingredients together and refrigerate for 2 or more hours. Serve with chips, crackers or vegetables. 
Makes 2 cups.
Try these variations:
Onion Dill Dip Recipe: To the above recipe, add:
1 tbsp/15 mL Parsley
1 tsp/5 mL Dill
tsp/1.2 mL Garlic Granules
Dash Cayenne Pepper
Onion Herb Dip Recipe: To the above recipe, add:
1-1/2 tsp/7.5 mL Thyme
tsp/2.5 mL Minced Green Onion
tsp/2.5 mL Oregano
tsp/2.5 mL Basil

Spinach and Pasta Salad with Lemon-Rosemary Vinaigrette Recipe
2 cups/500 mL uncooked tri-color rotini or rotelle pasta
1 tbsp/15 mL Chicken Soup & Gravy
1 cup/250 mL fresh spinach leaves, sliced into thin strips
1/4 cup/60 mL sliced green onions
3 tbsp/45 mL fresh lemon juice
4 tsp/20 mL Original Grapeseed Oil
2 tsp/10 mL prepared mustard
1 to 1-1/2 tsp/5 to 7.5 mL, crushed Rosemary
1 tsp/5 mL Garlic Granules
1/4 tsp/1.2 mL Lemon Pepper
To taste, freshly-ground Sea Salt
Cooking Directions
Cook pasta according to package directions, substituting the soup base for salt called for in directions; drain and rinse with cold water. Combine pasta, spinach and green onions in glass serving bowl. In small bowl, combine remaining ingredients; mix well. Pour over pasta/spinach mixture. Toss well to combine. Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled. Makes 4 servings. Easily doubled.

Banana Spice Bread Recipe (For breakfast or dessert)
1/3 cup/80 mL vegetable shortening
1/2 cup/125 mL sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp/5 mL Original Double-Strength Vanilla
3/4 tsp/4 mL Banana Extract
1-3/4 cups/440 mL all-purpose flour
1 tsp/5 mL Baking Powder
1-1/2 tsp/7.5 mL Purest Ground
Cinnamon 6 oz.
1/2 tsp/2.5 mL baking soda
1/2 tsp/2.5 mL salt
1/4 tsp/1.2 mL Nutmeg
1 cup/250 mL mashed ripe banana
1/2 cup/125 mL chopped walnuts
Cooking Directions
Grease bottom only of a 9 5-inch/23 13-cm loaf pan; set aside. In large bowl, cream together the shortening and sugar until light and fluffy. Mix in the eggs and vanilla and banana extracts until well combined. In another bowl combine flour, baking powder, cinnamon, baking soda, salt, and nutmeg. Add alternately with bananas to sugar mixture; mix well. Stir in nuts. Pour into prepared pan. Bake at 350F/180C for 45 to 50 minutes or until bread tests done. Cool in pan on rack 5 minutes. Turn out of pan and cool completely on rack. To store, wrap tightly and refrigerate.
Makes 1 loaf, 12 servings.

Spicy Herbed Biscuits Recipe (For soups, stews  'n snacks)
1 Good Tastings Bread Mix
2 tsp/10 mL Organic Paprika
2 tsp/10 mL Organic Garlic Powder
2 tsp/10 mL Organic Oregano
2 tsp/10 mL Organic Thyme
1 cup/250 mL Andouille sausage, cooked and chopped into small pieces
2 cups/500 mL Parmesan cheese
12 oz/355 mL beer
2 tbsp/30 mL melted butter
1 tbsp/15 mL Sea Salt
Cooking Directions
Combine bread mix, paprika, garlic powder, oregano, and thyme. Stir in sausage and 1 cups/375 mL cheese. Add beer*, stir just until moistened. Drop by heaping tablespoon onto well-greased baking sheet. Drizzle butter over biscuits, sprinkle with remaining cheese and sea salt. Bake at 350F/180C for 35 to 40 min. 

*Add 12 oz. of seltzer if you do not want to use beer.

Green Bean Medley Recipe (An old stand-by)
1/4 cup/60 mL Mushroom Soup & Gravy
1-1/4 cups/325 mL milk
3/4 cup/180 mL water
1/8 tsp/0.6 mL Black Pepper 6 oz
2 tsp/10 mL Worcestershire sauce, optional
2 packages (9 oz/255 g each) frozen French-cut green beans, thawed and drained, or 2 cans (14.5 oz/411 g each) French-cut green beans, drained
1 can (2.8 oz/79 g) French-fried onion rings
Cooking Directions
Combine first four ingredients in large saucepan, mix well. Place over medium heat and bring mixture to a hard boil, stirring constantly. Stir in Worcestershire sauce, beans, and 1/2 can of the onion rings. Place mixture in a 1.5-quart/liter casserole and bake, uncovered, at 350F/180C for 30 minutes or until heated through; stir. Top with remaining onion rings and bake an additional 5 minutes or until onions are golden. 

Optional-stir in 1/2 cup of diced pimentos (from jar) for added flavor and color.

Watkins Soup and Gravy Base Mixes 

#21176 in Watkins Catalog

These mixes serve as building blocks for delicious home cooking!

Make taste-like-home-made stocks, gravies, soups and sauces. Replace over salty bouillon cubes with Watkins easy to measure gourmet mixes. Cook with our easy to use soup and gravy mixies. You will soon realize that they should be kitchen cabinet staples in your home.  Enjoy a quick cup of soup or create quick, flavorful entres and side dishes by adding items from your pantry.

  • Makes up to 50 servings per can
  • New, improved packaging for more freshness
  • They are your short cut to good deep flavor 

Start with any Basic Watkins Soup and Gravy Base, the build your personal soup and gravy base 'must have' kitchen staples. Chicken, Beef, Cheese, Cream, Onion and Mushroom.  

Oyster Cracker Munchies
Made with Watkins Chicken Soup Base

1/4 cup/60 mL Watkins Original Grapeseed Oil
4 tsp/20 mL Watkins Chicken Soup Base
1 package (10 to 12 oz/280 to 340 mL) oyster crackers

Mix oil and Soup Base; pour over crackers and stir until well coated. Spread in shallow baking pan and bake at 375F/190C for 5 to 6 minutes or microwave (HIGH), uncovered, 3 to 4 minutes. Stir once or twice during baking. Cool and serve. Makes 10 servings.

#01896 in Watkins Catalog

Watkins All-Natural Grapeseed Liquid Spices
Tip: add Watkins All-Natural Grapeseed Liquid Spices to butter or cream cheese or plain yogurt for a delicious spread or dip
Item #01896 Chipotle
Item #01892 Garlic

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