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Culinary Novels


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Check out ABC's recommendations and get comfortable with delicious cozy and culinary mystery novels.


Penelope McClure is part-owner of a bookshop that is said to be haunted. Hah, there is no such thing as ghosts! Or is there? Can Penelope believe her eyes or ears when long-time deceased private detective Jack Shepard comes to help her solve a murder after a visiting author dies at in the bookshop at his book signing? And what's up with the ghostly Shepard sounding like and old-time PI?  If you are a  Dashiell Hammett fan, you will love this first in the Haunted Bookshop Mystery novels by Alice Kimberly (Cleo Coyle of Coffeehouse Mysteries)
Visit Amazon for information about The Ghost and Mrs. McClure (Haunted Bookshop Mystery)

Caterer Goldie Schulz, can't seem to get away from murder and dead bodies, no matter how hard she tries. Sweet Revenge Goldy in the company of gentle southerners-or are they? Her latest catering job has her presenting a knock-out breakfast and an elegant dinner. But it wouldn't be Goldy if a body did not show up somewhere--this time it's in the library.

Sweet Revenge is Diane Mott Davidson's 14th culinary mystery. Go to's Sweet Revenge for more about Goldy's adventures.

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Killed By Clutter is the 4th novel in Leslie Caine's Domestic Bliss Mysteries. Erin Gilbert is heroine of this fairly new series. By trade Erin is an interior decorator, this time she has been hired to make client's house livable, but first she has to get rid of the clutter. That can't be done in a timely fashion because death follows her. Other books in the series are Death by Inferior Design, False Premises, Manor of Death and Fatal Feng Shui. This series has home decorating tips. Author Leslie Caine is a certified interior decorator.

Visit for more information about Killed by Clutter (A Dell Mystery)

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Author Cleo Coyle has written seven Coffeehouse mysteriesOn What Grounds is #1 in the series. Next are Through the Grinder and Latte Trouble. Coyle's novels are  satisfying quick reads with recipes. Culinary cozies have never been so much fun!  Protagonist Clare Cosi has a pretty head-strong daughter who is a up and coming chef, a handsome ex-husband who won't go away and an almost sweetheart with issues.
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