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Watkins Herbs & Spices


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Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract
Watkins now offer nineteen premium USDA certified 100% organic herbs and spices. (US only) Watkins has been the pioneer in premium vanilla and extracts for over a century. Our vanilla is made from the world’s finest Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.


Watkins Grapeseed Oils
As a cooking oil, Grapeseed Oil tastes great, yet its light, neutral flavor won’t clash with other foods. It lets foods’ natural goodness shine through. 


Watkins Herbs and Spices
Listed below, are just a few of Watkins jarred and tinned herbs and spices. Visit the Watkins catalog  for the full line of products.
  • Black Pepper 2 oz. 60396
  • Chili Powder 00583
  • Cumin 00584
  • Curry Powder 00574
  • Dill 00576
  • Dry Mustard 00588
  • Ginger 00587
  • Ground Nutmeg 60398
  • Ground Cinnamon 2 oz. 60397
  • Garlic Powder 00577
  • Oregano 00586
  • Sage 00568
  • Thyme 00569

Watkins soup & gravy bases  About 50 servings per can.
#21175 Beef Soup & Gravy
#21176 Chicken Soup & Gravy
#21177 Mushroom Soup & Gravy
#21178 Onion Soup & Gravy
#21179 Cream Soup & Gravy

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