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Moms Space


Welcome to Mom's Space. You do it all, cook, clean and take care of your family. You are  chauffer, cook, soccer mom, coach and much more. Check here for kid-safe sites, health hints, helpful articles, good buys, egreetings and more. 

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Watkins Lemon Shea Butter Cream Body Cream 
*O Magazine loved Watkins Lemon Shea Butter Body Cream.
*Editors at Body+Soul featured Watkins Lemon Shea Butter Body Cream in their Stuff We Love: Under $10 section.
96-97% natural. Ideal for rough areas including heels, knees and elbows. Comes in a handy tube.

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Item # 40509
Certified by the *Natural Products Association!
Natural shea and cocoa butters and a delicious lemon fragrance.


Want Compliments On Your Skin?

  • Get enough sleep. Take a short nap when baby does.
  • Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. It's said to plump the skin.
  • Eat an apple. It satiates hunger and helps to keep you regular.
  • Use sun screen in the winter, cause the sun still shines.
  • Use a mild exfoliate for gentle buffing. Don't assume more is better.
  • If you are staying home smooth a little Vaseline or other moisturizer on your face.
  • Remove makeup before going to bed. If you forget, get up and do it.
  • Smile! If we are going to get lines, they may as well be smile lines.


Make Room for a Smile!
Send eGreeting Cards
Sharp Minds Play Games :-D
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Test your skills
Winter: Cold Lake Jigsaw Puzzle

Helpful Links & News

Inactive adults can reverse poor health with exercise

Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have found that the negative effects from living a sedentary life can be reversed by participating in moderate exercise.

The participants in the study who had shown the most decline from physical inactivity also showed the greatest level of improvement once they embarked on programs of moderate physical exercise, say researchers.

Participants in the study did not change their diets, so change was attributed directly to exercise and not to change in food intake.

“The good news is that a small amount of physical activity can make a big difference in reducing risks for developing such conditions as heart disease, strokes or diabetes,” says Duke exercise physiologist Jennifer Robbins. “Our findings demonstrate that while the cost of choosing a sedentary lifestyle can be high, switching to an active way of life can be beneficial at any time.”


No. 02266 in Watkins Catalog

Watkins Linimax™ Feel the difference.
As we age, we may lose the cushioning in our joints, which can lead to stiffness.Glucosamine helps to keep joints cushioned and well-lubricated—but we didn't stop there.*We've added protective antioxidants, along with herbs shown to reduce the body's production of pain-causing compounds.
Item # 02266 (60 caplets, 30-day supply)

No. 02268 in Watkins catalog

Watkins Fruit/Veggie Complex™

Getting your fruits and vegetables has never been easier.This supplement contains 41 varieties of fruits & vegetables, all-natural mixed carotenes, vitamin C equal to 4 glasses of juice and potent fruit enzymes equal to ten glasses of juice—all in one convenient bilayer caplet—and without sugars and sodium. Item #02268 (60 caplets, 30-day supply)

Interesting Sites

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